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We constantly strive to produce top quality Labradors that are successful hunting companions and test dogs along with being a great family pet. Silver Lake Retrievers takes great pride in producing labs that possess all great qualities including, looks, natural instincts, and desire.

What is a pointing lab?


Labrador Retrievers when taken on an upland hunt have a natural instinct to find a bird and flush it into the air.  Some Lab owners noticed that their Labradors pointed on the bird as a short haired pointer would. So they began breeding labs that showed natural pointing instincts to other labs that pointed, creating a specific breed known as the pointing Labrador.

Pointing labs are among the most versatile of all hunting dogs, with abilities ranging from finding and pointing upland birds to retrieving waterfowl. Additionally, pointing Labs are outstanding family dogs. While well-bred pointing labs demonstrate immense drive in the field and blind, they are consistently loving and gentle family dogs.

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