Silver Lake Retrievers is focused on building a hard working retriever of any age. We provide a sound foundation of obedience, socialization and a training program that will produce hard running, desire driven retrievers.

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Welcome to Silver Lake Retrievers!

We constantly strive to produce top quality Labradors that are successful hunting companions and test dogs along with being a great family pet. Silver Lake Retrievers takes great pride in producing labs that possess all great qualities including, looks, natural instincts, and desire.


What is a pointing lab?

Labrador Retrievers when taken on an upland hunt have a natural instinct to find a bird and flush it into the air.  Some Lab owners noticed that their Labradors pointed on the bird as a short haired pointer would. So they began breeding labs that showed natural pointing instincts to other labs that pointed, creating a specific breed known as the pointing Labrador.

Pointing labs are among the most versatile of all hunting dogs, with abilities ranging from finding and pointing upland birds to retrieving waterfowl. Additionally, pointing Labs are outstanding family dogs. While well-bred pointing labs demonstrate immense drive in the field and blind, they are consistently loving and gentle family dogs.


I just returned from our annual Canada trip and wanted to send you a note telling you once again how much I appreciate all you have done for me with my new hunting dog. She performed like a pointing lab should from the very first shot of the very first morning and the rest of the week.

We had 4 guns this year and she picked up 30 or more birds a day all week. She was rock steady at my side and did triples and blinds flawlessly each day. Thanks!

Chris Christian

I met Greg through a friend awhile back and he has been nothing but wonderful help through this whole process! Kept me updated with everything about the litter. Just picked up my pup today an couldn’t be more happy! Highly recommend silver lake retrievers!

Jacob Golden

I have had the pleasure of training many great dogs that I will always remember. Brock rates very high on that list. The first time I put Brock on birds I could tell he was extremely talented pointer. His marking ability was very natural.

It is hard to believe, but I never remember having a bad day training together. Brock always tried and had a great attitude about training. He had a team attitude. We ran nine APLA master test together and only failed once, earning the 4 time grand master. Brock received many compliments from the judges. I truly miss training him. I would sit beside him in a duck blind or accompany him in an upland field any day. What a dog.

Brice Romero

I have purchased 2 dogs from Greg. He has been easy to work with from the beginning. If you are looking for a good dog, this is the place to go.

Peggy Stalnaker

We purchased our “Charley” girl from Greg. He was very receptive with any questions prior to and after purchase. Charley is the first dog for our family and she is incredibly gentle with my children and is a very quick learner.

Staci Silhan

We purchased a dog from Silver Lake Retrievers.  Transaction went off without a hitch and the dog fits in with our family. Her “smile” cracks me up.

Shannon Lynn Stites

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