Max is a 4 year old and has passed his JR and SH titles with ease. We purchased him as a puppy at 10 weeks old, and brought him back to N.D. The first day home we went to the water. I have never been around such a smart and talented young dog as Max. We have not pushed him very hard up until now. Max has all clearances and is ready to go. 2016 I believe is going to be his year! Max will be in training with Lonny Taylor at Tailor made retrievers in Kansas. Max is now available for stud service.

Max has the heart to go all day long. Very fun and loving dog. Max is currently in training. Max is a SH!

Breeding terms : STUD FEE $1000.00.
Female must have a registry number with OFA for hips
– Female must have a negative “Canine Brucellosis Test” within 4 weeks of the mating
– Female must have current CERF
– Owner of female must provide evidence of current vaccinations including Bordetella (kennel cough)
– AKC Registration is required

Sage is a great little dog with all the qualities we look for in a female. Land or water she is a go getter with great attitude. In the upland she is a head turner with very smooth gate that allows her to move effortlessly with very good speed. Her point is pretty as a picture