Whelped: March 2, 2016
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AKC #SR91875202


GMPR Bryant’s Sycamore Valley Scout was the 2012 National Pheasants forever/Quail Forever
Amateur Flushing Champion as a two year old.
Scout won the 2012 Kansas State Quail Championship in the Amateur
Division, Second in the 2011 Kansas State Quail Championship.  He
Placed 5th in the National Upland Classic Series Browning
Tournament of Champions (all 28 Open Dogs). 2nd place in High
points for the year and is a Grand Amateur Champion in the National
Upland Classic Series (N.U.C.S.). He is a Field Champion in Bird
Hunters United (BHU) and in the National Bird Dog Circuit (NBDC) all
within 14 months.  He needs two more Senior passes for his AKC SH
Title and is GMPR in the American Pointing Labradors Association.
Scout is a very bird driven intense dog in the upland field or the duck
marsh.  He will fly to the marks to retrieve and is a hard charging dog
in the upland field with style, has a rock solid point and has a
excellent nose for birds.  At home he has an off switch and is just a
solid lean 85lb. teddy bear.  He loves kids and sleeps in the house.
CPR Queen Tori Sycamore Valley is a young good looking female with a very nice pointing lab
pedigree, she has a strong point and is a strong thinking dog that likes
to train.  She marks well and is strong in the water work.
She will be testing for her Advanced & Masters in APLA.


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