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Silver Lake Retriever Pointing labs are among the most versatile of all hunting dogs, with abilities ranging from finding and pointing upland birds to retrieving waterfowl.

Additionally, pointing Labs are outstanding family dogs. While well-bred pointing labs demonstrate immense drive in the field and blind, they are consistently loving and gentle family dogs.


Chocolate male for sale:  Bo is 2 years old, ff, cc, very socialized and marks very nice.  This dog is a fantastic marker, land and water.  He would make an awesome hunting partner.  Bo is ready to go to his new hunting home....


**For Sale** Black started male for sale.  18 months old, ff, cc;  He retrieves land and water. Cash marks very well.  This dog”s pedigree is fabulous, and he will be able to perform in any venue he is entered...


**For Sale**
Rock X Libby


Jake x Josie Litter


Jake X Josie Litter


4XGMPR Rock X Sage Litter


$3000.00 4XGMPR Cruz X Jasmine Litter


$4000.00 4XGMPR Rock X Sage Litter


$6500.00 Jake X Josie Litter

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