Whiskey Hill’s Halle B Good MH “Halle”

Comments made in behalf of RWM Kennels, Richard Meiseman (Handler &Trainer)

Halle is great in the house, has an off-switch, steady as a rock at the line, crashes the water hard and I couldn’t design a nicer dog myself. Halle is 55 lbs. she is a very intelligent dog who makes good decisions in the field and if she gets in trouble she posses the ability to get herself out. She runs very good lines, sees blind concepts from the line. A marking machine! She is an all around exceptional dog with the potential to compete at the highest levels and I am happy to get to stand next to her.



OFA HIPS: LR-217166E24F-PI Excellent
EYE Cerf/Caer: Clear
CNM: LR-CNM07-440-F-PI

AKC reg: SR80724004


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